About Us

The Nigerian Hunter & Forest Security Service (NHFSS) About Us

Aims and Objectives

Our objectives are geared toward curbing crime and criminalities in Nigeria’s Forests which have become a safe haven for the criminals.

Our Mission

To assist the police and other Security Agencies in detecting crime through:

  • Promoting effective communication with the Police and other Security Agencies.
  • Prompt reporting of suspicious and criminal activities to the police and other Security Agencies.
  • To protect lives and properties by ensuring the Safety and Security for each person in our Community.

Our Vision

To prevent crime through improving security through:

  • Joint Patrols with the police and other relevant Security Agencies especially in the Forest to locate kidnappers and drug dealers among other crimes.
  • Reducing opportunities for crime by increasing crime prevention awareness campaigns.
  • Developing neighbourhood crime prevention programmes.
  • Assisting the police and other Security Agencies in identifying and finding solutions to prevalent crimes.